About Paradise 

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interval international

Interval International makes it easy for members to vacation at a vast network of nearly 2800 quality resorts in 85 countries. Thanks to Interval's 5 Star Premier Resort Designation, the very best resorts are available to Paradise members.  The addition of Club Interval Gold Points gives even more flexibility by giving the choice of how often,how long, where and the size of accommodations no matter where or when.  Members can use their points for Resort Stays, Hotels and even cruises.   Click the links below to learn more.



Rights of membership

Members have the right to book fully furnished condominium units at Grande Rockies Resort, Sunset Resorts Canmore or purchase their time through Interval International.  Members will be charged a pay as you go user fee of $0.011 per point. This fee covers land taxes, condo fees, utilities, housekeeping, front desk and various other resort operation expenses. In essence, once you become a member you pay cost no matter where you go.   Members may split their week at the Home Properties into a weekend and midweek stay.  If a member uses a portion, the remaining days will be kept as a credit indefinitely without an expiration date to worry about.


Points memberships

Paradise Resort Club is a points based member owned and operated vacation club.   The right to use memberships are backed by free and clear titles and placed into trust held by the members association. Under the terms and conditions of the membership agreement, the members have the right to use from 0 to any number of points  per year with a pay as you go USER FEE rather than annual maintenance fees. The club, just like a private golf membership, allows it's exclusive members special privileges and  benefits not enjoyed by the general public.