Paradise Elite private membership

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To learn more simply click the link below and and join us in a webinar from the comfort of your own home.  Never before has it been easier to learn how to save thousand while increasing the quality of your vacation lifestyle.



Paradise Elite offer the flexibility that is unparalleled in the vacation industry.  Elite members have the option of  travelling  as often they choose or  not travelling at all in any given year. Members choose the location of their vacation, the size of accommodation and the length of stay.  Our members by choosing to cruise on any line or itinerary offered in the industry.  Possibly the best part is that because points are purchased upfront Elite points are virtually inflation proof.  


paradise elite private membership

Paradise Resort Club is a points based  vacation club.  Unlike traditional vacation club models, Paradise Elite has no annual maintenance fees, mandatory usage or use restrictions.  Points are purchased in Canadian dollars and redeemed for reservations at more than 3,200 resorts in 85 countries around the globe at par regardless of the local currency.  Elite members save 60-90% off accommodations at the worlds finest resorts bearing the emblems of Marriott,  Sheraton, Hyatt and  Westin just to name a few.  Members choose the location of their vacation, the size of accommodations and the length of stay.   Our members can stay on land or seas by choosing to cruise on any cruise line the vacation industry has to offer.